Elephant Journal

Dedicated to the mindful life. I’ve thought about featuring Elephant Journal before and decided against it. We’re dedicated to sharing the good life beyond the choir, and to all those who didn’t yet know they give a care about living a good, fun life that’s good for others, and our planet. The mindful life is … Read more


All that’s good. Milkshake is a website dedicated to finding the good in everything. This is something I can relate to and I was immediately hooked. From causes to grub to eco and explore, the collection of inspiring and good things is as diverse as it is interesting. Milkshake is an addictive free email dedicated to … Read more

Problems vs Dreams

It’s Thursday and the load may be tough. You may be wishing the day away before it even began. STOP! Yes, YOU! STOP!!! Let’s make an effort to be grateful for this day and have an attitude of gratitude. Today is another chance to be great, to live your dreams, become better and achieve your … Read more

Letter to my grandchildren.

Young people, you need the wisdom of age, just as some of us older ones need your enthusiasm for life. I’ve admired Richard Branson from a very young age. As I get older (and he does too) I appreciate him from new and different angles- those of a father and a grandfather; not just a … Read more