Sean Stephenson

Ridding the world of insecurity. Sean is a man, much like Nick Vujicic – born with a seemingly debilitating physical condition. The doctors told his parents that Sean was unlikely to live long- as he points out in the video below it’s Sean who is still alive and the doctors who are now all dead… His upbeat, … Read more

Positive News

Inspiration for a change. I personally gave up reading the news as I realised it bought so much negativity into my life which I otherwise would not come into contact with. I no longer visit online newspapers every few minutes (to check things, you know…. just in case) and I don’t watch the news on … Read more

7 cups of tea

Connect with someone who will really listen. I have suffered with anxiety and depression for years. It’s partly inherited; I lost a parent to suicide, and partly due to circumstances such as nearly dying in the tsunami which deeply changed my anxiety levels. Feeling anxious, worried, low, lacking energy, alone and restless are familiar to … Read more

Hector’s list of happiness

 Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life Hector and the Search for Happiness began as a book and is now a film – I recently bought the DVD and thoroughly enjoyed Simon Pegg’s portrayal of Hector, a young professional seeking peace and happiness in his life. I for one have been “searching for happiness” … Read more