Lifes little instruction book.

The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself. I found this pdf when researching for the quotations I post each day via Instagram. It is a list of 1532 pieces of advice, wisdom and observations which cover all aspects of life. From … Read more

I’ll be back

If you don’t know why Arnold Schwarzenegger is so much more than a movie star – you need to see this. From the army to body-building to coming to America, the films and being “The Governor” Arnie has always fought against the naysayers and prevailed. It’s a long video for Motivational Monday, but worth watching … Read more

Prince EA

Fitness, music, inspiration Prince EA reminds me of ET The Hip Hop Preacher in so many ways. Passionate, energetic, determined and sharing his inspirational words each Monday on video- his mission is to help you evolve and become a better person. Check out his YouTube page for some truly inspiring videos. Enjoy 🙂

100 ways to live a life full of joy

Beauty is whatever gives joy. I’m back into lists at the moment- I love a good list – and this is no exception. My favourites? 17. Go exploring and get lost. 56. Be unapologetically you. 65. Be kind to everyone you meet. Check out the full article here. Enjoy 🙂

Fonefreefeb .com

One dinner is all it takes. Ok so you might not be reading this in February- but it really doesn’t matter what month it is. The point is we’re all hopelessly addicted to our phones – so much so that we don’t talk and connect anymore. This movement encourages us to have a Phone free dinner … Read more