75 ways to live a positively present life

Past and the future are in the mind only –  I am now. I love every one of these 75 things and refer to this list often. This is my favourite – “inspire yourself – and others” Check out the full list here.

The Power of Delay

He that can have patience can have what he will I gave up alcohol over 2 years ago and did so for the sake of my son Ralph. I had a parent that drank and a tough upbringing and didn’t want Ralph to grow up in such an environment. It was easy to give up … Read more

dumblittleman .com

Tips for life Dumb Little Man is another great resource of new inspiring content, mainly because it has so many guest writers and some varied topics. Stated by Jay White in 2006 as a means to share tips on working, happiness and efficiency; it has now grown into a multi author blog with an average of a … Read more

Radical Openness

Sharing is sometimes more demanding than giving This video, from Jason Silva, is another fascinating, science based, but beautifully simply presented idea. With radical openness, the sharing of ideas we can speed up evolution and the improve all of our futures. Watch and enjoy 🙂

Quiet Desperation

Whatever you’ve done so far in your life  – it’s working. Take control of your life – if you don’t program your mind, your mind will be programmed. Think about where your life is heading right now- are you pursuing a goal or living in quiet desperation? Watch and enjoy 🙂