Brain Pump .net

Random educational videos I have a short attention span and varied interests across a wide range of areas. Luckily I now have BrainPump to keep me in a steady supply of YouTube videos on a number of topics. Designed to deliver random educational content, it’s a great place to procrastinate or take a break whilst … Read more

Noisli .com

Mix different sounds and create your perfect environment. Similar to, Noisli is background noise designed to provide ambience. Where Noisli differs is that it can be used for productivity and relaxation. You can choose between 16 different sounds, mix and match them to your preference or hit the random button and see what comes … Read more


Never take success for granted Having drive, having goals, following through – Success is about being who you are and fulfilling your purpose. Enjoy

The Charles Shulz Philosophy

”Be Yourself.¬† Everyone Else Is Taken!” Hat tip to my wife for this one- finding inspiration is always enjoyable when it’s forwarded in an email ūüôā This philosophy, ¬†incorrectly¬†credited to Charles Shulz (not that it matters who said it) reminds us all it’s the little things and those closest to us in life who matter … Read more