How to be productive

Being productive gives people a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment that loafing never can. This infographic, from Every Day Power Blog, lays out how some of the world’s most productive people approach life- from mind to body to schedule and more. There are some nuggets of wisdom here, Jeff identifies 10 key takeaways – Our … Read more

Positively Present .com

Life is best lived if it’s lived right now with a positive attitude. Positively Present began life in 2009, when it’s creator Dani Dipirro decided to stop living a life so heavily focussed on the negative. The Freebies section is a great place to begin; here you will find 75 ways to live a Positively … Read more

The power of inspiration

The word Inspiration derives from the Latin inspirare meaning “to breath into” A brief blog post today, but a powerful one nonetheless. This infographic, courtesy of Every Day Power Blog, shines a light on inspiration, it’s meaning, benefits and how to stay inspired. As this website is dedicated to inspiring others – it was a … Read more

Have You Stopped Dreaming?

I don’t compete against others, I compete against myself It’s not the opinions of others which should affect  your dreams – it’s your commitment to your goals. Never Stop Dreaming

Isiah Hankel

Contribute massively, build strong relationships and live like a lion. Isiah Hankel is an international speaker, business coach, author and entrepreneur Isiah is all about the power of focus– by focussing on what you want from life and where you want to be, you can overcome almost any obstacle. Focus can unstick you from your … Read more