The art of non finishing

Lost time is never found again. If you ever continued reading a book you weren’t enjoying or a film you couldn’t get into. Then you need this concept in your life. The first time I discovered this, it was as though I was suddenly given permission to choose what I would spend my time on … Read more

Five a day

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. In the UK we have a national health campaign encouraging everyone to eat at least 5 pieces of fruit/vegetables each day. This is a sound idea as small daily changes can make a larger difference to your life in the … Read more

Associate with positive people

You only get as far in life as the people you associate with. Take a good long look at your friends, your colleagues, your family members and anyone with whom you often spend time with. Ask yourself this question: Are these people nourishing me as a person? Really think about it. We all know people … Read more

Be generous

When you share, everybody wins. I am a firm believer in generosity – of ideas and time more so than money – and it features in the book The Rules of Life. Being generous with your time, your skills, your time and information has a two-fold effect on your happiness. Firstly, by sharing with others, … Read more