Why we should be like Tim

Chances are you’ve seen this image. The character is sometimes called Tim, Bob or Jack. The name doesn’t matter, but the message does. Spend less time caring what others think of you and concentrate on what you think of you. Full post here.

The Key To Success Might Just Be Joy

Forget passion. Focus on joy. That’s the message in this piece from Pick The Brain. Joy in this context is living in the moment and finding happiness with what you have in the here and now. Passion is to be pursued, Joy is to be enjoyed. Think about it 🙂 Full post here.

F*CK your feelings

This expletive focussed article from Mark Manson centres on this notion: Acting based on our feelings is easy. You feel it. Then you do it. It’s like scratching an itch. There’s a sense of relief and cessation that comes along with it. It’s a quick satisfaction. But then that satisfaction is gone just as quickly … Read more