Let them in

A man’s growth is seen in the successive choirs of his friends. Through my ups and downs I have developed a coping mechanism which I revert to when I am under pressure, feel stressed or depressed. I isolate myself. No calls, texts or emails- I completely remove myself from society whilst I feel less than … Read more

What’s on your home screen?

Think about how many times you look at your smartphone each day. No, really think about it . We must be talking 50-100+ times each day  (if you’re anything like me that is) Well if you, like me, look at your phone that many times in a day then you have a great opportunity – … Read more

Leadership lessons from LEGO

I suspect most children in the western world have fond memories of playing with LEGO- the excitement of creating something, using your imagination and being creative has kept LEGO in the hearts and minds of the world for years. But could there be more to LEGO? could we learn more? This Forbes.com article explores leadership … Read more

Caine’s arcade

If ever you wanted an inspiring story then Caine’s Arcade is for you. Picture this – a nine year old boy sets up an amusement arcade in his dad’s car parts shop. The games are made from cardboard, you can win tokens and prizes, and a “fun pass” will set you back only $2. This … Read more

35 questions that will save your life

Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers. I found this article on the FORBES website which as with all great lists gives you some great ideas to run with but requires little investment of your time. The premise of this article- posing questions to yourself – is one which I am a … Read more