There’s more to life than increasing it’s speed. Until recently, my chief tactic when wanting to get things done, or if I felt under pressure, was to block out all other distractions and work as quickly as possible to conclude the task at hand. It was as though the task to be completed was a … Read more

Dead Time

Long-term boredom can’t lead to anything good. If you’re on a plane, on a bus, in a queue or just have some free time to yourself then chances are you aren’t really sure what to do. If you continually find free time but fill it with television, surfing the net, aimless walking or driving, repetitive … Read more

7 tips for elite achievement

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end. This post comes from Robin Sharma’s blog on his website – it’s 7 short tips – all of them are obvious but sometimes we need to be reminded of things we already know to get the best from them. You can … Read more

Wayne Dyer

As you think, so shall you be Dr. Wayne Dyer, affectionately known as “the father of motivation” has written over 30 books and appeared on countless Public Television Specials delivering his thoughts and ideas in his trademark peaceful and light hearted manner. “As you think, so shall you be” is the cornerstone of Dr. Dyers … Read more

The price of Polite

It is more comfortable for me, in the long run, to be rude than polite. The idea for this post has come up in conversation with friends time and again, finally I’m sharing this concept with you in the hope that I’m not alone. “how was the meal? ” asked the waiter. “Great” I replied, … Read more