Sell your crap. Pay off your debt. Do what you love. I initially resisted sharing this site. I was unsure how relevant it may be for you (my faithful reader) in your pursuit of inspiring material and ideas for a better life. That was until I truly understood what manvsdebt is all about. And it’s … Read more

The power of self belief

It just takes a little confidence. This brief video featuring Tupac from the good people at MyComeUp, covers the topic of self belief and self confidence. Self confidence (not arrogance) has to be one of the most important factors in leading a successful and fulfilling life. With self confidence you know what you’re worth, you … Read more

Kid President

We’re doing this because we believe kids can change the world. Kid President is a fast paced, insightful and hugely inspiring 9 year old who has released a number of YouTube videos since his journey began in 2012. Started with the simple goal of harnessing children’s honest desire to leave the world better than they … Read more

Upgrade yourself

Information changes the situation. In this classic episode of TGIM, Eric Thomas (ET The Hip Hop Preacher) speaks in Australia for the first time. It’s amazing to see ET grow as each year passes, I’ve watched him from the early TGIM and his hard work and dedication shine through. ET leads by example. Always. His … Read more

Essential Skills for an Excellent Career I was referred to MindTools by a colleague who was looking to improve productivity and sales, but needed some new ideas and a new approach to make a difference. Established in 1996 and now enjoying 300,000 email subscribers and 15m+ annual visitors worldwide, the site has become a community … Read more