Gabrielle Bernstein

Become the happiest person you know Gabrielle Bernstein is a self confessed “spirit junkie” and advocate of following your happiness and your heart. A professional speaker, prolific vlogger (video blogger- see here) and author, Gabrielle can help you connect with the more spiritual side. She offers guided meditations for specific circumstances, is a qualified yoga … Read more

StartWithWhy .com

The more people you inspire, the more people will inspire you Finding your “Why”, your motivation, your reason to keep going and to work hard in life is a fundamental yet often elusive element on the road to living your full potential. Simon Sinek is the creator of and the author of Start With … Read more

Rise and Grind

 Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans. What’s your why? What gets you up every morning? To be successful you need to make sure your Why is greater than the obstacles in your way. Let ET The Hip Hop Preacher motivate you to act today 🙂 Enjoy

Mike Robbins

Infusing life and business with authenticity and appreciation I found Mike Robbins as I was feeling a little uncertain about an upcoming decision in my professional life and I was beginning to worry. Despite having no true control over the outcome of the situation I was worrying about all possible scenarios until my wife emailed … Read more

Mark Manson

Author, entrepreneur, life enthusiast Starting as a dating coach in 2007, Mark Manson soon began to detest the toxic environment of the pick up artist world and focussed on more mainstream self development,  aimed at men. He operates using these 3 ideals which differentiate him from other self improvement websites and “gurus” Happiness is like … Read more