News that inspires A website focussing on positive news stories and articles run by a team of volunteers, DailyGood.org is the antidote to the multitude of negative news that bombards us all on a daily basis. Much like I do here at EDSBF, DailyGood shares articles and links to good news and uplifting stories from … Read more


Daily inspiration for complex lives Many sites these days appear to have a “Buzzfeed” type feel to them. Lots of numbered lists, easily digestible content and guest editors. Motivationgrid brings together writers and content from other like-minded bloggers to create a community atmosphere. This is really a great idea as it means diverse content, but … Read more


Medium is a new place on the Internet where people share ideas and stories that are longer than 140 characters and not just for friends. From time to time I discover websites that are truly great – and achingly simple. Medium.com feels very much in the spirit of organisations such as TED – it’s all … Read more


Insights on making ideas happen 99u.com is a truly great source of inspiring ideas but it has a great message. Sure, there is a ton of great content here, great ideas and videos and a range of books, but 99u take a refreshingly different approach. At 99U, we don’t want to give you more ideas—we … Read more

Soldier Up Sundays

It’s human nature to speak highly of ourselves It’s Actions, not labels which determine who we really are. Our Character is how we choose to behave when we think no-one is watching. Using the analogy of soldiers and their discipline; this episode of The Daily Locker Room covers character. “Planting the seeds of greatness” by … Read more