Email takes too long to respond to. This website shares the idea that email doesn’t have to be long-winded. If you treat email like SMS, you stay focussed and save time. I used the same concept for this post- and achieved the same result. Enjoy


See what happens As a recovering worry-a-holic and perfectionist, the phrase “see what happens” has had a huge impact in helping me deal with uncertainty in my life. We all know that if there are things we can’t change or influence then we shouldn’t worry about them. But that doesn’t actually stop us worrying… When … Read more

For people passionate about achieving excellence in life This website, along with so many others I find more and more of these days focuses on tips and advice for improving your life. The difference with this site, run by Celestine Chua, is firstly the sheer volume of content- look at this list of articles. The … Read more

The Daily Locker Room

Messages to live your very best life The Daily Locker Room has been publishing short daily motivational videos courtesy of “Coach Gigs” (Eric Giglione) since 2010. That’s a LOT of content. Each video lasts approx 2-4 minutes and has a simple message – whether that’s to keep fighting, release the past or that you should … Read more

Kids can change the world. All they need is a little inspiration! As a new father myself I am now more acutely aware of the need to spread wholesome and positive messages to children. This website was started by two sets of parents who wanted a collective place to find inspiring and positive material covering … Read more