The School Of Life

Good ideas for everyday life I first came across The School Of Life when I noticed their boldly designed books when browsing Amazon. The School Of Life was established to help us develop emotional intelligence and tackle some of the pressing issues of daily life such as how to balance work with life or how to find … Read more

Provide a medium for freethinking individuals to connect & discuss Compel you to follow your bliss & make a life, not a career Explore all aspects of the human condition Question anything & everything that is considered ‘normal’ Promote the general spread of happiness and love I stumbled across whilst Googling self help books … Read more

The Happiness Project

What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while The Happiness Project started out life as a book, but has become more of a movement as time has gone by. Frustrated with daily life, Gretchen Rubin questioned what she wanted from life and began to focus on happiness. She … Read more

An open letter to mums

 Home is where your mum is In this video Kid President gives us his usual brand of sage advice. 10 things every mum needs to know is a sincere but of course lighthearted reminder to mums that they are loved, needed and special. In our busy world and busy lives so focussed on money and achievement … Read more

News that inspires A website focussing on positive news stories and articles run by a team of volunteers, is the antidote to the multitude of negative news that bombards us all on a daily basis. Much like I do here at EDSBF, DailyGood shares articles and links to good news and uplifting stories from … Read more