Look up

We’re all guilty of this. Take a moment today to look up. Think about it.  

Do something cool .net

Some of us have a bucket list and get it done. Some of us sit around and just dream about it. Which side are you on? Steve Bloom is someone who is determined to live life on his terms. Understanding that you can create the life you want, you can travel extensively and create income … Read more

Action for Happiness .org

Doing good, feels good. Action for Happiness is a UK based non profit who believe you can change the world by encouraging everyone to take responsibility for their own happiness and to create more of it in the world. They harness this through ideas such as the 50 actions for happiness, which links directly to … Read more

You in bloom .com

Live simply, bloom wildly Started by Derneeka Cruise, You in Bloom takes a spiritual and mindfulness approach to life. Derneeka advocates that you “bloom where you are planted” and as such should be thankful for all experiences in your life- good or bad. The site covers a number of areas where you can live more consciously … Read more

The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life is to give life meaning I know what you’re thinking…Finally! we’ve cracked it! Not quite – but this video from Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project covers a wide number of influential and well known people, asking them what the meaning of life is to them. The diversity of the … Read more