Lessons Learned In Life .com

To encourage you to keep going, to remind you to be strong I try not to mention too many quotation websites here; although inspiring quotations are necessary and helpful, there are numerous sites and they all seem the same to me. I’m trying to add value to you via Every Day Should Be Fun and … Read more

The Positive Troll

Sharpen your pitchfork of positivity, for today The Positive Troll rides into battle. I just added The Positive Troll to the Inspiring People on Twitter page here at Every Day Should Be Fun and thought it was worth a blog post to make sure you as my readers don’t miss out. Sometimes witty, sometimes current … Read more

Motivation – It’s all worth it

Greatness comes from passion This video, from MuscleProdigy who feature on my Inspiring YouTube page, is another great call to action from Jaret Grossman. Designed as something motivational to workout to, the principles and wisdom in these MuscleProdigy videos translate well into general life- promoting hard work, discipline and tenacity. Take a moment to get … Read more

CreativeMornings .com

CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community. It’s like a version of TED focussed on the creative people, an ongoing series of meet ups covering a wide range of monthly themes such as Freedom, Play, Connect and childhood. It began in 2008 as there was no ongoing accesible event for the creative … Read more

Gabrielle Bernstein

Become the happiest person you know Gabrielle Bernstein is a self confessed “spirit junkie” and advocate of following your happiness and your heart. A professional speaker, prolific vlogger (video blogger- see here) and author, Gabrielle can help you connect with the more spiritual side. She offers guided meditations for specific circumstances, is a qualified yoga … Read more