The Secret Blue Butterfly

Pollinating the world with kindness and love. The Secret Blue Butterfly first appeared on my Inspiring people on Instagram page. From taping money to vending machines to buying flowers for people or writing anonymous letters of praise, the Secret Blue Butterfly is all about random acts of kindness. (if you like the idea of random kindness, … Read more

The Chinese Bamboo Plant

Not all progress is visible to the eye The Chinese bamboo plant is an interesting case in point – something I urge you to refer back to if you feel things aren’t progressing as quickly as you would like in any area of your life. It takes continual watering and care, five years in fact, before the … Read more

The Empty Pickle Jar

Don’t major in minor things It’s so easy to forget what’s important in life. So easy to forget to put the important things first. This classic video is a great reminder to put the important things first in life, and that there’s always room for chocolate  🙂 Enjoy!

Happify .com

Our vision is to use cutting-edge science and innovative technology to empower individuals to lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Happify is taking a 21st century approach to creating a “well lived” life. The Happify concept focusses on these 5 key areas which have been scientifically proven to influence happiness – Savour, Thank, Aspire, Give Empathise. … Read more

Headspace .com

Treat your head right – everything else will follow Headspace is one of those revolutionary companies, changing the way we look at something and making it seem accessible and simple. By taking meditation, demystifying it and treating it like a gym membership for the mind, they have appealed to a new market of people who … Read more