Beyond The Quote .com

Insert quote here 🙂 In my journey to find all things inspiring and motivational, I have come across numerous quotation websites and thousands of quotations. Quotations are an important part of motivation and inspiration as they can often be “souvenirs” of greater ideas and concepts which help kick start your own thinking. (I publish one … Read more

The Years are Short

 The days are long but the years are short A poignant video- particularly relevant for me as a new father. The Years are Short reminds us that the mundane aspects of everyday life are still life. If you wish for things to be over quickly, or fail to seek enjoyment from them, then you’re missing … Read more

Happy Socks .com

To spread happiness by turning an everyday essential into a colorful design piece. Happy Socks began in Sweden in 2008,  with the simple aim of spreading happiness through fun and colourful socks. It’s hard to not smile when you see some of the vivid designs from both the mens and womens ranges, but it’s the … Read more

The Secret Blue Butterfly

Pollinating the world with kindness and love. The Secret Blue Butterfly first appeared on my Inspiring people on Instagram page. From taping money to vending machines to buying flowers for people or writing anonymous letters of praise, the Secret Blue Butterfly is all about random acts of kindness. (if you like the idea of random kindness, … Read more

The Chinese Bamboo Plant

Not all progress is visible to the eye The Chinese bamboo plant is an interesting case in point – something I urge you to refer back to if you feel things aren’t progressing as quickly as you would like in any area of your life. It takes continual watering and care, five years in fact, before the … Read more