Start with the end in mind.

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading. What if everything in your life was approached backwards- you visualise the end result you want and then work back the steps you need to take to get it? Sound interesting? Sound obvious? Let Isaiah Hankel explain this concept in his … Read more

Claudio Vieira de Oliveira

Claudio is just like any other person Born with an “upside down head” with no use of his arms and limited use of his legs, his mother was told to stop feeding him as a child. Unable to walk, unable to use a wheelchair due to his unusual shape and with limitations that would deeply challenge … Read more

TinyBuddha .com

Simple wisdom for complex lives Tiny Bhudda began as a way to reflect on simple wisdom (like ZenHabits) Created by Lori Deschene as much more of a community than a website, the forums are full of regular posters and visitors who make Tiny Bhudda a welcoming and collaborative place to discover and explore new ideas. … Read more

Hooplaha .com

Life with a smile ​Hooplaha is quite simply a steady stream of things to make you smile, to remind you that life is wonderful and that people are lovely. From the kid who reads 300+ books a year to 25 pictures to make you instantly feel better, Hooplaha is all about the instant gratification and … Read more

I am the greatest

I’m so mean I make medicine sick It’s hard to watch anything featuring Ali and to not absorb some of his endless confidence, charisma and belief. At times when you may be questioning yourself or not feeling as sure as you have – videos such as this are worth their weight, and well worth bookmarking. … Read more