Acts of happiness .org

Acts of Happiness are small things—with a big impact. They’re every day, thoughtful expressions that others do for us—and that we intentionally do for others. This site, from the good people at Live Happy, is designed to focus on sharing happiness with one another. Whether that be through “paying it forward” or doing something you … Read more

Live Happy .com

Inspiring people to find authentic happiness & connection in their lives. Live Happy is a website and magazine aimed at “authentic happiness”. Authentic happiness means whatever makes you happy- for some it’s a cup of tea and a sit down, for others it’s money, power and fame. Whatever happiness means to you, Live Happy takes … Read more

Follow Your Heart

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. Life is short, happiness is fleeting. Follow your heart and intuition – find what you love. Somehow the dots will connect..

Brain Pump .net

Random educational videos I have a short attention span and varied interests across a wide range of areas. Luckily I now have BrainPump to keep me in a steady supply of YouTube videos on a number of topics. Designed to deliver random educational content, it’s a great place to procrastinate or take a break whilst … Read more