Start Now

Success lies in the possibilities. Possibilities lie in the getting started. Start now.

greatergood .berkeley .edu

The science of a meaningful life I love inspiring and motivational content, collating it and sharing it is my passion, my goal and my legacy, There is only one thing greater than inspiring content- and that’s science backed inspiring content. The Greater Good Science Centre is dedicated to exploring the science of happiness, well-being and … Read more

Do happiness

Spreading happiness one do at a time. Do Something different, from the good people at Action For Happiness, is a science backed movement looking to create happiness and change through action (do) rather than just education. From their website- Do Happiness unites Action for Happiness 10 Keys to Happier Living with Do Something Different’s proven … Read more

Live Your Dream

That dream that you’r holding in your mind? It’s possible. Watch and enjoy!


Rise above petty circumstances. Rise above, failures, challenges, setbacks, naysayers et all. Have the belief you are the one to do it.