One Million Lovely Letters

Sometimes you need a reminder that you are really lovely. Created by Jodi Ann Bickley, One Million Lovely Letters exists to help remind us all that no matter what we face in life, we are all special, uniqe and worthy of love and attention. As an M.E sufferer, Jodie experienced low periods and times when … Read more

EliteDaily .com

A highly engaging, socially driven content platform. I was often finding Elite Daily in my Facebook feed. I dismissed it for sharing here on Every Day Should Be Fun as there seemed to be little of value. The posts kept being shared and eventually I decided to check out the site. With contributions from a … Read more

Fulfillmentdaily .com

Daily science-backed news for a happier life. Fulfillment Daily aims to bring fulfillment and happiness to everyone using science backed facts and information. Rather than being a “general” motivation site which references film and television or celebrities to provide inspiration; FD uses the same structure in all posts – they establish the problem, the science … Read more


Keep telling yourself- it’s possible. This video reminds us all that failing is a part of success. Keep going, keep trying – and when you fall down, get up. Enjoy

Alan Watts

Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth. Alan Watts was a British born philosopher, writer and speaker whose lectures helped to interpret and popularise eastern philosophies in the West. His lectures and teachings, delivered in his quintessentially British accent, bring clarity and clear thinking to complex topics such as consciousness … Read more