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Notes to strangers

I leave notes for strangers to find. Simple. Effective. Viral. These simple self help messages can be found all over London and online. Check it out 🙂 Notes to Strangers


There’s a champion in every kid. NED stands for Never give up. Encourage others. Do your best. It’s a tool (and a fictitious character) that is used to motivate and inspire students through practical exercises and shared experience. We believe students can accomplish amazing things – if they’re given positive motivation and specific directions that … Read more

Happy Bastards

We are here to encourage you and to remind you… Excusing the rude name, Happy Bastards is a Facebook page and Instagram account dedicated to encouraging and reminding their audience of all the inspiring things in life. Sounds like a great idea 😉 Enjoy 🙂

Shine Text

Shine sends you free daily text messages with motivational quotes, positive affirmations and actions you can take every morning. Shine Text is a regular text (or Facebook messenger) message to help keep you motivated, uplifted and inspired. Not much more to say other than check it out! If you aren’t in the US, then Facebook … Read more