Buddhify is the most convenient, best value and most beautiful meditation app available today. I was recommended this app by a friend of mine who also has found it difficult to meditate. Whilst we all know meditation and mindfulness are good for us (like eating well and exercising) actually taking the time to make it happen … Read more

I got legs

FIGHTING FOR THE RIGHT TO WALK Stories of overcoming adversity and inspiring others come not much more compelling than Adam Gorlitsky: When Adam Gorlitsky, then a 19-year-old college student, awoke from a horrific car accident after falling asleep at the wheel, he was told he would never walk again.  The seasoned athlete, who was once … Read more

The Mighty

Real People. Real Stories. We face disability, disease and mental illness together. The Mighty is a website for those suffering from or living with those with disease or mental illness. It’s about the human side of the story, not the medical aspects. The site is filled with real world contributed stories and provides an insight and an understanding of … Read more

Positivity Pack

Positivity Pack is the perfect chill-out kit to spread happy vibes. James Corneille, a young entrepreneur from Ireland has created Positivity Pack, a subscription service which sends out regular packages full of inspiring, fun and positive things. Check it out 🙂 PositivyPack


We’re not raising awareness; we’re raising compassion. Every now and then I find things for the blog that are just pure kindness and this is one of them. It started as free haircuts for the homeless and has grown to a global movement #dosomethingfornothing is a movement born from the idea that we are all … Read more