3 things I learned while my plane crashed

 Dying is only one thing to be sad over… Living unhappily is something else This video is  unique, utterly gripping and poignant for me as I’ve come so close to dying myself. Sat in seat 1D on flight 1549, Ric Elias had a front row seat for when his plane crashed into the Hudson river … Read more

Love your work

Do for others and they in turn will do for others Ok so this is a very long video to share with you- I admit that. The subject matter- that of loving your work and living with purpose – is one close to my heart. Simon Sinek is a leading speaker and advocate of finding … Read more

Live your dream & master life

Why stop at average? An original video from Ryan Jones rather than a compilation of speakers, this video reminds us we’re all special and can all choose to live as large as we choose. You can let others achieve and inspire you, or you can achieve and inspire others. Check it out!

It’s all on you

Only you can stop yourself This video reminds us that it’s the small incremental gains in life which add up to overall performance. If it’s all up to you – why would you cut corners or not give your all? It’s time to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Lets go!  

Motivation – It’s all worth it

Greatness comes from passion This video, from MuscleProdigy who feature on my Inspiring YouTube page, is another great call to action from Jaret Grossman. Designed as something motivational to workout to, the principles and wisdom in these MuscleProdigy videos translate well into general life- promoting hard work, discipline and tenacity. Take a moment to get … Read more