Conor McGregor’s Top 10 Rules For Success

I’ve become a little obsessed with Conor McGregor of late. I’m not particularly interested in MMA, but there is no denying Conor’s success, much of which comes from his unique mindset and ability to “predict” his fights. Visualisation and positive thinking aside, Conor’s work ethic, unshakeable belief and persistence make him worthy of note. This … Read more

Invisible Doors

You can measure what you’ll lose, but you can’t see what you’ll gain  

Motivation Madness

There is no great genius without some touch of madness. Motivational videos are becoming more and more prolific on YouTube. At the same time the quantity is increasing, so too is the quality. Motivation Madness create high quality motivational montage videos which are up there with the best of them. Check it out here ­čÖé