How to be happy

Happiness is not a mysterious force that you can’t figure out. It’s all around us all the time and there if you want it. Being more present, more focussed on what you want and what you enjoy, is the quickest route to happiness. Don’t forget that happiness is all around us- if you want it- and its … Read more

We shall never surrender.

I watch this video whenever I feel close to giving in. Its calm, it’s collected, it’s almost too quiet and “normal” when you consider the subject matter. Churchill reminds us that during the time of war and conflict, we (the UK) will be ready to fight the enemy on any and all fronts- defending ourselves … Read more

Fight it or accept it.

You have to fight to reach your dream. Inspiring videos and YouTube channels provide a great alternative to mindlessly watching cat videos or surfing Facebook. There has been a massive increase in the number of videos and channels out there, as well as views – our own playlist is nearly at 1M views as I type. … Read more