5 Signs it’s Time to Do Less

Let’s do a little less… and make the less we do count for even more. From multitasking to constantly being online and connected, the pace of everyday life seems to increase daily. With the increase in pace comes a decrease in presence – there is simply too much to invest yourself in, so many things … Read more

Being an Optimist vs. Being a Realist

If we try hard enough, we will always find evidence to support our beliefs. This post, from The Positivity Solution, explores the differences between optimism and realism. I am (of course) an optimist, but realistic in my expectations of life- I look forward to the best, but don’t let the worst surprise me. (It’s possible to be … Read more

This moment is enough

What if we paused right now, and saw everything in this present moment around us (including ourselves), and just appreciated it for what it is, as perfectly enough? Reading the Zen Habits blog is always a calm and peaceful pleasure. Leo Babauta dedicates his life to simplicity and the joy of having less of everything. … Read more

5 Gentle Sentiments to Enrich Our Lives

These 5 sentiments are timeless advice to be heeded by us all. My favourite: Transparency is a trait that, if practised, allows others to see first hand that we all are fighting a hard battle and that we are all in this life together.Transparency allows for authenticity which allows for true connection which allows for unparalleled growth for … Read more

Calm down yoga for kids

Namaste This simple idea introduces children (and perhaps adults too) to the power of yoga. Check it out here.