Give Yourself the Gift of Time This Week

If only we charged our bodies as often as we charge our phones… We are all guilty of working too hard, too long and burning a little too much of our energy. Over long periods of time, overwork and under-rest are a timebomb waiting to explode. This week schedule some time for you to do … Read more


I recently discovered 528Hz There are videos on YouTube that last hours operating at this frequency. The music is calming, reassuring and helps me to focus and be in the moment. They say everything is in vibration and these certainly are “good vibrations” ­čÖé Modern science has begun to recognize what the ancient mystics and … Read more

52 Truths Nobody Wants To Tell You

Some interesting and controversial facts here, but my favourite is this one:   Truth #50:┬áIt is the depth of life, not the length, which matters.   Full post here.

Why You Should Write an Intimidation List

When you challenge yourself, you grow. This article from Lifehacker explores the benefits of creating an “intimidation list”. What are the things or people that intimidate you and how can you overcome them? When you understand what intimidates you and why, it can help you to overcome the fear and the blockers you face. Full … Read more