Say Your Self-Talk Out Loud

Research has shown that talking to yourself out loud can motivate you to move forward with your goals, help you focus on a task at hand, and combat self-criticism. This post from Shine Text looks at the credible reasons you should verbalise that nasty negative self talk that only you hear. You know that voice … Read more

13 Simple Ways to Shake off Sadness Right Now

Getting back to happiness from sadness is an important skill to master. There are some simple, actionable and free things you can do right now to snap yourself from sadness back to happiness. This post from Lifehack lists 13 super actionable things you can do and gives you the inspiration and ideas you need to … Read more


Chiaroscuro is the contrast between dark and light. We can’t have dark without light and we can’t have light without dark. Chiaroscuro is the word to describe the contrast and as such it’s a word to describe life itself- we live between the lightness and the dark in our daily lives.