Google Rolls Out Tool To Help Diagnose Depression

This is another great weapon against depression which is truly powerful given the scale of Google across the globe. Good work 🙂 When you type a depression-related search term into Google, atop the main results, a box will pop up, asking “Are you depressed?” If you click “yes,” you’ll be linked to the PHQ-9, a validated … Read more


It’s never too late to go back to bed. Every Day Should Be Fun is all about inspiration and the good in life- but we also like to poke fun at ourselves from time to time 🙂 Unspirational is a collection of “inspirational” quotes and sayings  on Instagram- it reminds me somewhat of this site … Read more

Don’t wait for people to praise you

Our Culture Teaches Us to Focus On Our Weaknesses. It’s sad but often true that we seek validation from external sources. The praise of others, scores, awards, money – many of the things we have little or no control over. The problem with this is that our best efforts can be rubbished or ignored if … Read more

Human Family

I note the obvious differences in the human family. Some of us are serious, some thrive on comedy. Some declare their lives are lived as true profundity, and others claim they really live the real reality. The variety of our skin tones can confuse, bemuse, delight, brown and pink and beige and purple, tan and … Read more

6 Lessons My Grandpa Taught Me

This personal and unique collection of lessons could benefit all of us. It’s common sense practical advice that now grandpa has passed to his grandchild. My favourite? Lesson #6: Naps are always a good idea. My grandpa loved taking naps everyday in his “man cave”. He referred to them as snaps because they were short … Read more