The World

The world is designed to depress us. Being happy and calm is a revolutionary act. Time to rebel!

If words hurt, it’s because you let them

Being “hurt” is always a choice. It just doesn’t feel like it. You can choose to let words hurt you or help you. This post looks at ancient Stoicism’s approach to what we would know as “sticks and stones” Fascinating. Full post here.

Loving your idiot zone

We learn from our mistakes. Its for this reason that Steve Pavlina argues we should focus on spending much more time in our “idiot zone” being foolish and messing up than anywhere else. Agree? The man certainly has a point… Full post here.

If You’re Having a Tough Day, Try the ‘1-2-3 Strategy’

If you are finding things a little tough, then this simple strategy can help. You simply need to choose one of the following to break you out of your routine or of feeling stuck: Do something you have to do Do something you want to do Do something for somebody else Intrigued? me too! Full … Read more

Perfectionism is holding you back.

Perfectionism is Really Just Fear This post from LifeHack looks at how perfectionism is holding you back and what you can do about it. As a recovering perfectionist, the most pertinent part for me was this: Perfectionism is Really Just Fear This fear is most likely of criticism or dislike of your idea. The worst … Read more