H = S – F

Steve Wozniak has achieved two great things in his lifetime. The first was of course he helped shaped one of the greatest companies of our time- Apple Inc. But the 2nd? I only found this today, but Woz has been navigating his entire life with his simple formula for happiness:   Happiness = Smiles – … Read more

Four Antidotes to Procrastination

Before I started this blog, I spent about 3 years talking about it and threatening to start but never really doing anything. It was only when I decided to “start dirty” that I managed to make progress and here we are, over 1000 posts later. This post from ZenHabits tackles procrastination in 4 different ways … Read more

15 Times Its Completely OK to be Selfish

If you don’t look after yourself then you are of little use to yourself or others. Beng selfish is sometimes absolutely necessary for you to move forward in life. This post looks at 15 occasions when being selfish is OK, or perhaps very much necessary. My favourite? 4. When you have nothing left to give. … Read more

Your Potential Starts with Your Beliefs

“Where do your beliefs come from? Do they come from the average man on the street? Do they come from TV and radio? Do they come from whoever talks the longest and the loudest? If you want to succeed, it would be wise for you to choose your beliefs carefully, rather than walking around like … Read more

6 Things Open-Minded People Do

Being open minded is one of the highest forms of intelligence. Being able to accept and embrace the ideas of others takes discipline and modesty, but being ambivalent is quite something else. To think contradictory thoughts about something shows a level of open mindedness and modesty that can only lead to progress and good things. … Read more