Leading without a title

To win, you need to go all in. Leading without a title, a phrase coined by Robin Sharma, simply means that no matter what your role in life or in your job or company, you can go above and beyond what is required and take the role of being a leader – without first waiting … Read more

The opinions of others

 Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought. Why is it that we hold the opinions of others on such high esteem? How we look, how we act, what we say ( within reason) should simply be our choice. And yet often its not. But why? The need to fit in … Read more


A relationship requires a lot of work and commitment. I first came across this concept whilst reading Let’s Stick Together  – a book for new parents about the potential changes in your relationship with the arrival of a child, and the importance of a balanced and healthy relationship as a foundation for a happy home- … Read more

Learn to helicopter

Perspective is worth 80 IQ points. Daily life, work, stresses and strains can all get the better of us. Been there, done that. In fact, still doing that…. This neat idea was introduced to my by a colleague and it helps you keep perspective on things- especially the negative things that can confront us in daily … Read more

Dress well

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society. Making the effort to get dressed as though every day is important as every other day is a small idea which can have a profound impact on your performance. As someone who has worked from home and remained in his PJs from morning … Read more