Are you a crap magnet?

What you focus on, you get. It’s rare that you actually laugh out loud when you read something, but for me that moment came today when I discovered the principle of “the crap magnet” in Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker. Now, I’m sure you are familiar with the law of attraction and … Read more

Action beats inaction

Action is the real measure of intelligence. I touched on this previously when I mentioned the concept of starting dirty. For all the books I read, YouTube clips I watch, and everything else I soak up- it would mean nothing unless I acted upon it. If I didn’t act upon it you wouldn’t be reading … Read more

The busy trap

It’s all about results Ironically this is something that has really began to bug me of late so imagine my joy when I stumbled across this great article in the New York Times. Being “busy” is an overused and abused excuse- often being “busy” is self imposed, not necessary and an excuse to avoid actually … Read more

The Someday Isle

Someday I’ll lose weight, someday I’ll start a business, someday I’ll…….. I’ve known about Brian Tracy for quite sometime but it was only today that I took the plunge…. I’m glad I did – although it was a rocky start. My first perception of Brian Tracy was that of a snake oil salesman- all he … Read more

Don’t confuse effort with results

 This can be a very unsettling concept to a lot of people. In the world in which we live, often those who put in the most effort, take on the most tasks and can handle the most stress are perceived to be the most successful. We live in a “results by volume” world where the … Read more