Then don’t worry

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy. This simple diagram explains how to handle any problem in your life – don’t worry about it. My wife sent this to me- source unknown, if you know where this comes from let me know. Enjoy.

19 Second relaxation technique

Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again. I was sent this, so apologies I am unable to credit its source, but this simple idea could be just what you need when you are feeling stressed, anxious or just worn out. Exhale. Inhale for 4 seconds. Hold your breathe for 7 seconds. Exhale for 8 … Read more

We’ll see

You’ve got to stay level–headed and let everything develop Sometimes the things that happen to us can be disguised- good things turn out to be bad, bad things turn out to be good. Remaining calm and level headed no matter how devastating or how exciting the circumstances is one of the keys to long term happiness in … Read more

20 life lessons for happiness & success

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway Numbered lists are always a great way to collate and communicate important points. This Forbes article focusses not on money and wealth as you’d expect, but on the simpler elements which make up both happiness and successs. When it boils down to it, being … Read more

Lessons in life from Dr. Seuss

Will you succeed? Yes you will indeed. 98 and 3/4 guaranteed. I had “Oh the places you will go” read at my wedding in 2012 and it was one of my first encounters with Dr. Seuss. Despite being a children’s author, it seems Dr. Seuss’ tales have wisdom, insight and morals that are as relevant … Read more