The 7 Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower This Forbes article covers, as so many others have tried, the “secrets” behind the success of Steve Jobs- one of the most influential people of our time. Innovation was of course at the centre of Job’s work- always striving for better and pushing those around him to … Read more

5 Reasons You Don’t Do What Really Makes You Happy

Happiness doesn’t just happen. This article, from, reminds us all that happiness doesn’t just happen. Like anything worth having in life it does require a little focus and effort to be achieved. If you are unhappy then chances are you will agree to one or more of the 5 reasons: We’re too dismissive of … Read more

The Flip Manifesto

16 Counterintuitive Ideas About Motivation, Innovation, and Leadership This manifesto, from NYT best selling author Dan Pink, goes against the grain of much of the advice you may have been given (or dispensed to others) about being successful and happy. Split into Motivation, Innovation and Leadership, the manifesto encourages you to pay people too much, doubt … Read more

1 page productivity planner

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication This free resource from Brendon Burchard is both impressively simple and impressively useful. Recognising that much of what transpires in the working day is just “busy work” and that keeping on top of your email isn’t productive at all, Brendon sets out the basic building blocks of a successful day. … Read more

One Life Poster

Inspiring millions worldwide to live to their potential I was gifted a One Life Poster last Christmas and it’s always nice to find new inspiring things that haven’t yet crossed my path. The poster is a comprehensive list of statements to help you steer the direction of your life and your choices, reminding us to … Read more