100 ways to live a life full of joy

Beauty is whatever gives joy. I’m back into lists at the moment- I love a good list – and this is no exception. My favourites? 17. Go exploring and get lost. 56. Be unapologetically you. 65. Be kind to everyone you meet. Check out the full article here. Enjoy 🙂

101 ways to feel happy on a daily basis

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. Lifehack is an addictive resource for me, providing all sorts of cool information and hacks to improve. This article is no exception. 101 ways to feel happy on a daily basis is exactly that – if you need inspiration or want to take up some … Read more

The crossroads of should and must

This is a story about two roads. This article is as thought provoking as it is colourful. Taking the idea that your work can (nay must) be your passion and your calling, Elle Luna talks us through her own journey from should to must and what she learnt. Ask yourself- if “must” is so great, why … Read more

75 ways to live a positively present life

Past and the future are in the mind only –  I am now. I love every one of these 75 things and refer to this list often. This is my favourite – “inspire yourself – and others” Check out the full list here.