The Death Problem

There isn’t a grain of dust in the universe that is in the wrong place. This video explores the idea that the prospect of death creates clarity and opportunity in our lives. Powerful Stuff.  

The Charles Shulz Philosophy

”Be Yourself.¬† Everyone Else Is Taken!” Hat tip to my wife for this one- finding inspiration is always enjoyable when it’s forwarded in an email ūüôā This philosophy, ¬†incorrectly¬†credited to Charles Shulz (not that it matters who said it) reminds us all it’s the little things and those closest to us in life who matter … Read more

Suspended Coffee

It’s about more than coffee The idea of Suspended Coffee or Caffee Sospeso is thought to have originated in Italy but is being adopted across the world. A small act of kindness and a simple idea, yet one which offers hope and encourages kindness to strangers – suspended coffees are a great way to “pay … Read more

More or less

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away New year is a great time to take stock and to think about goal setting for the coming 12 months. What could you achieve? What did you achieve? What are your hopes and dreams? For … Read more