10 Acts of Self Love for When You’re Feeling Like a Failure

Loving yourself isn’t selfish. It’s necessary. For us to operate fully in the world and maintain healthy relationships and a balanced life we must first look after ourselves. This post from LifeHack looks at 10 simple things we can all to to love ourselves a bit more- especially if we are feeling like a failure. … Read more

How to live your best life

This WikiHow post seems to break down “how to live your best life” too simply that it can appear comical. But should it be any more complicated than this? If you appreciate what you have, avoid complaining, focus on the positive and take calculated risks and actions towards what you want then you are living … Read more

How to avoid a life of regret

Discipline weighs ounces. Regret weighs tons. Living a life you won’t regret relies upon taking responsibility and action in the here and now. It’s all about the “ought” self and recognising when we stray from the things we “ought” to be doing. Unsurprisingly most people regret their inaction rather than their action. Full post here.

The World

The world is designed to depress us. Being happy and calm is a revolutionary act. Time to rebel!

If words hurt, it’s because you let them

Being “hurt” is always a choice. It just doesn’t feel like it. You can choose to let words hurt you or help you. This post looks at ancient Stoicism’s approach to what we would know as “sticks and stones” Fascinating. Full post here.