Fanga Dagen

I found this on an advert on the London Underground. I love finding inspiration in all sorts of places and this simple phrase intrigued me. The phrase translates to “seize the day” or “life is what you make it” and is being used here to promote alcohol, but it’s one of those phrases that just … Read more

9 Things Grateful People Believe

Gratitude cures all negativity. It’s well accepted that gratitude is a healthy thing to practise- it keeps you more present and keeps anxiety and worry at bay. This article from Tiny Buddha looks at the 9 things grateful people believe. It’s the type of post you should bookmark for the future as it has sage … Read more

A bad mood can be good for you

It’s feels good to feel bad. This is a blog about inspiration and motivation. About being up, not down and hopeful not sad. But. This fascinating post from lifehacker looks at the necessary aspects of feeling bad and how sometimes you need to feel bad, to then get back to feeling good. Full post here.

How to Be Happy When You’re in an Unhappy Situation

This is the one thing we all try to do. How can you get back to happy when you’re note. Leo Babauta at ZenHabits explores a system to navigate from unhappiness back to happiness. The most interesting part of the plan? Allow yourself to be unhappy. When we’re feeling bad, feeling in pain, all we … Read more

Don’t wait for the validation of others.

As a Man thinketh, so is he. In a world obsessed with likes, popularity and social acceptance, this post is a godsend. Looking at why we seek validation and offering ways to overcome it, makes this well worth a read. My favourite part? We spend too much time trying to undo our weaknesses and being … Read more