Donald Gould

Donald Gould made the news and went viral after he was discovered playing the piano on a street in America. Having been homeless for some time, his life had been in turmoil, but when he sat down at the pain that day, little did he know his life was about to change forever.. Find out … Read more

Have <> Want

What if we swapped “have” with “want” Staying happy while managing all of life’s responsibilities is hard. Sometimes, we feel like we have to do so much in order to keep our families and ourselves going. But, what if we swapped have to with want to. Would we feel differently? Could we become happier? Full post here.

The watch that counts down your life

Time is running out. An interesting twist on the classic wristwatch, this watch reminds you that you will definitely die and even gives you a handy countdown timer to your estimated demise. The purpose is to remind you that time is your most valuable asset and to waste it is a waste of your life.   Use … Read more