Blue Mind Theory

Many studies in the past focused on how our brain is affected by different mediums.  From music to television to even specific commercials, these are all things that have been researched.  However, a study on the effect of the rhythms of the ocean on the brain had yet to be conducted. Until now. Find out … Read more

The one thing no one can take from you

Whatever happens to you in your life, your ability to choose, to react and to think how you do about the environment around you is something that will always be with you. Find out more here.

B Positive Choir

The B Positive choir, created by NHS Blood and Transplant, is made up of people whose lives are affected by the lifesaving power of blood. Our members include blood donors and blood recipients, people who have blood related medical conditions such as sickle cell, our families, friends and people who work with blood. Find out more here.