F*CK your feelings

This expletive focussed article from Mark Manson centres on this notion: Acting based on our feelings is easy. You feel it. Then you do it. It’s like scratching an itch. There’s a sense of relief and cessation that comes along with it. It’s a quick satisfaction. But then that satisfaction is gone just as quickly … Read more

Live life well

The daily advice and inspiration Ralph distributes on his blog is legendary. This post is no exception. Living life well all comes down to this: If you’re worried about anything, consider this. Worry is only possible when you’ve forgotten how strong, capable, flexible, resourceful, resilient you can be. Enjoy 🙂 Full post here.

Thought of the day

I’ve often seen those “thought of the day” style posts in social media and wondered if there was a library of them that you could dip into rather than randomly waiting to see a new thought each day. Today I found the mother-load- alphabetised for convenience, a list of a large number of “thoughts for … Read more