10 reasons why we don’t stick to things

Not sticking to things is a problem for many of us. We start with good intentions but then “life” seems to get in the way. So how do you stick to your plans? This list from ZenHabits looks at 10 reasons. I think number 4 is the most powerful 4. We give in to temptation, … Read more

25 Scientific Happiness Hacks

My favourite? The one my wife wishes I would do more of…. Go outside Starting to feel down? Head outside to soak up some sunshine. The human body produces vitamin D when exposed to the sun’s rays, and research suggests that people who are deficient in the vitamin are more likely to be depressed, anxious, … Read more

Facebook & Suicide

As someone who has wrestled with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts myself, this move by Facebook could really make an impact. Designed to detect posts and create alerts that are triggered by suicidal thoughts and ideation, this “duty of care” by Facebook could be the intervention needed to really save lives. The fight against depression … Read more