10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Happiness

Happiness is something to be pursued. Not achieved. Ah yes, happiness, that elusive feeling we spend so much of our lives chasing. And yet we are all capable of happiness right here and now if we wanted to tap into it. This list of 10 things will help you find your happy place and give … Read more

The Dove Self-Esteem project

Funded by Dove, this is a resource to tackle body and esteem issues and the impacts they have throughout our lives. Great work ­čÖé At Dove, we believe no young person should be held back from reaching their full potential. However, low body confidence and anxieties over appearance stop young people being their best selves, … Read more

If you had 1 week left to live

There is no guarantee we will be here tomorrow. Superb and thought provoking, this post reminds us that we reserve some things for moments of our life when we feel we have no choice. But the reality is that however long or short our lives will be, we should make the most of the beauty … Read more