The Average

This short poem by W.H. Auden is a stark reminder that not everyone is destined for “greatness”. That said, “greatness” means different things to different people, there is nothing wrong with an “ordinary” life so long as you are truly happy. We make sacrifices for others, in this case parents for their children, but this … Read more

How to worry productively

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it keeps you busy but gets you nowhere. I am a worrier. I know on a logical level that worry is of no real use. I know that worrying is bad for my health and makes me feel bad. But it also feels good. It feels like I’m “preparing” … Read more

A 40 day Dopamine Fast

An exercise in rewiring your motivational system. This website was brought to my attention by it’s creator Greg. I love what Greg has achieved here. As someone who doesn’t drink, smoke, take drugs or rely on any outside mechanism to regulate my Dopamine levels (besides meditation and walking) I totally understand and resonate with the … Read more

Why Social Media Motivation Doesn’t Work

Motivation will fail you almost every time because it simply doesn’t last. We can only remain excited for so long without substance. As a website that shares motivation and inspiration this is an interesting post to publish. I agree with the sentiment that “motivation” is not the answer and that discipline is what truly changes … Read more