5 Ways To Get Out of A Bad Mood In Less Than 5 Minutes

The only disability in life is a bad attitude. There is little worse than a bad mood, not feeling quite right or just feeling a little blue. This handy article from The Power of Positivity offers 5 useful tips to snap you out of any funk. My favourite? 4. TAKE A QUICK WALK OUTSIDE Researchers at … Read more

A jar of awesome

Don’t forget to be awesome. It’s important to remind ourselves of when things go right as it pays dividends when things aren’t going so well in the future. This simple idea is about collecting the good things, the moments of awesome, the “wins” to refer back to when we need them. Full post here.

WD-40: A tale of perseverence

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. Water Displacement 40, or WD 40 as we know it is the smelly yet useful spray for lubricating things and freeing up metal things which are stuck. So far, so mundane. But it’s also an incredible story of perseverance, taking it’s name from the fact … Read more

The Problem With Being Too Agreeable

Nice guys finish last. I suffer with this more often than I would like. Being too nice. Can you be “too nice”? yes, yes you can and there are people out there who are only too happy to take advantage of this temperament. It boils down to this: but being understanding often goes hand in … Read more

If you’re going to die, here’s how to deal with it.

Every Day Should Be Fun, but one day you will die. Ouch. Weren’t expecting that? No, me neither until I came across this article from Life Hacker. Death is a mystery, it’s feared, it’s scary but it’s coming for us all. This is why we need to make Every Day Fun in the meantime… “Death … Read more