7 Ways to Take Full Responsibility for Yourself

Responsible = able to choose your response. Being responsible for your life means both being responsible for the things you do and also for how you react to the things which happen to you. It’s too easy to adopt a victim mentality or to point the blame at others if things don’t work out, but … Read more

The Feedback Loop from Hell

Now you’re anxious about being anxious This concept, created by Mark Manson, is all too familiar… Or you’re so worried about doing the right thing all the time that you become worried about how much you’re worrying. Or you feel so guilty for every mistake you make that you begin to feel guilty about how … Read more


1% improvement over 100 days = 100% improvement This article, from James Clear, looks into the success of David Brailsford and the concept of making numerous small improvements which overall contribute to a larger improvement- known as “marginal gains” Such marginal gains can make a significant difference, the question is, how could you improve by 1%? … Read more