The Mind’s Journal

Let the mind talk begin. The Mind’s Journal is an eclectic and large collection of ideas, resources and imagery designed to make you think. The website is split into 5 key sections, the mind games section is the most notable and worth checking out. The Journal Random Thoughts Mind Videos Mind Games Astrology Enjoy ­čÖé … Read more


A Better World For All Living Beings. Humanity is a rapidly growing movement sharing inspiration, positivity and bringing attention to the world’s problems. Humanity’s purposes are: * To increase and diffuse of knowledge. *To emphasize solutions to poverty, hunger, and social injustice. *A better world through kindness to animals. *To serve individuals and families in … Read more

Hara Hachi Bu

Eat less, live more. This concept,of eating until you are 80% full rather than any further is an inexact method of calorie restriction which can be beneficial for overall health. Check it out 😊 Full post here.