Calm Cards

Cards for serenity I recently bought this collection of prompt cards, designed to be used when you need to find calm. They have caused me to begin a new category here at Every Day Should Be Fun – that of inspiring products. Created by The School of Life, these cards contain words of wisdom, reminders and … Read more

175 Self Help Books

A book is the souvenir of an idea. I found this list when I came across Develop Good Habits, created by S.J Scott. 175 is a lot of books, so helpfully the list has been split into the following subcategories: 25 Top Habit Change Books 15 Personal Development Books 10 Daily Habit and Routine Books … Read more

Develop Good Habits .com

A better life, one habit at a time. Created by S.J Scott, Develop Good Habits is a collection of habit related articles and resources. Habits are the foundation of life, whether you have actively chosen them such as exercise, or have fallen into them, such as poor eating, your habits come together like puzzle pieces … Read more