noun Power to endure or to persevere in an activity; stamina. In our fast paced world, those who can focus and dedicate themselves to something, seeing it through to completion, are often those who succeed. Sitzfleisch is a German term for such “staying power”, translating directly as  sitzen ‘sit’ + Fleisch ‘flesh’. If you are … Read more

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Len Wilson

Storyteller, strategist. I found Len Wilson thanks to his article about Geese which I recently featured here on Every Day Should Be Fun. Len is a speaker and author, writing about creativity, design and much more. It’s his creativity posts that will be most relevant and here are some of the best: How to Get … Read more

5 things Geese can teach us

Teamwork makes the dream work. Geese. These majestic birds migrate in the winter to escape the bitter cold, flying in the familiar “V” formation. Scientists have studied their behaviour and it transpires that the Geese are intuitively working together as it’s more beneficial than migrating individually. There are 5 key lessons we can take from these … Read more