Ping Pong Studio

 It’s on like ping pong. Ping Pong Studio aims to inspire others through beautifully edited motivational videos. Much like MateuszM or Basquiat Picasso, they take famous motivational speakers such as Les Brown and overlay their wisdom to eye catching visuals and clips from films. As someone who is hooked on these types of motivational videos, … Read more

10 rules for a better life

Life is about making your own happiness – and living by your own rules. I saw this on a canvas print in a furniture shop near where I live and it got me thinking. In life we can often be blinded or preoccupied by so many trivial thing that we lose track of whats important … Read more

Fun For Louis

Peace out, enjoy life, live the adventure. I feel like I should contact Louis and give him the Every Day Should Be Fun domain because for him, every day appears to not only be fun, but an adventure too… This is a guy who travels the world, vlogging his adventures and sharing them with his … Read more