Elevated Today

Don’t be average. Be Better A little like Buzzfeed, but with a focus on inspiration and motivation, Elevated Today shares the kind of viral content with attention grabbing headlines and numbered lists ( such as 12 reasons why adult video gamers are happy ) that we are all used to. The site is split into … Read more

Spark People

Eat better. Feel better. Look better. With 15M registered users, SparkPeople.com is an enormous community aimed at “sparking” people into getting fit and taking responsibility for their health. They offer resources which are 100% free, some of their content is premium, but you can access some great stuff here absolutely free. From recipes to fitness … Read more

Go For No

Yes is the destination, no is how you get there. I love Go For No as it’s a counter intuitive idea that actually works. Having worked in sales myself, the yearning for “yes” and the fear of “no” is very real. This is all about courage- courage must be built and cannot be gifted or … Read more

Super Hero You

Level up your life Super Hero You is an empowering movement dedicated to helping you unleash your super power. Your super power is quite simply learning. Super Hero You is all about learning. It’s about connecting you with the information, the people, the events that will help you increase your knowledge, improve your skills and … Read more