30 things to stop doing to yourself

We can knowingly and unknowingly limit ourselves, hurt ourselves and get in our own way. Often we aren’t where we want to be in life because of ourselves- but until we understand where we’re going wrong, the cycle will continue. This post from Marc and Angel looks at 30 things we need to stop doing … Read more


Concentration on a single act. The Japanese are an insightful bunch and they have inspiring words and phrases to cover a number of life’s situations and wisdom. This is no different. Knowing we should only do one thing at a time is one thing, having a beautiful Japanese word to explain it is even better. … Read more

274 Self-Care Ideas

Nothing like a good list! This list of 274 self care activities and ideas is an awesome resource to keep on hand when you feel in need of a boost. There are some obvious and cliched ideas in here, but also some new and unique things. When you are feeling low or in need of … Read more