Anxiety Diaries Podcast

Anxiety Diaries is a weekly podcast about mental health, incredible people, and so much more! I have suffered with anxiety for years. The daily, hourly, secondly (is that a word?) questioning about every little detail and imagining what may go wrong. Anxiety sucks. Depression sucks. Feeling isolated sucks. But you are very much not alone- … Read more

Ian O connell

“If you can’t stand up. Stand out.” These are Ian O’Connell’s words and something to ponder today- you can overcome anything in life. This is his story: When he was just 16-year-old, Ian became paralysed from the neck down after falling off his bike at Killarney National Park. After hitting his bike against a log, … Read more

Shakespeare Said…

I always feel happy, you know why? Because I don’t expect anything from anyone; expectations always hurt. Life is short. So love your life. Be happy. And keep smiling. Just live for yourself and always remember: Before you speak… Listen Before you write… Think Before you spend… Earn Before you pray… Forgive Before you hurt… … Read more