5 ways you’re living too small

The problem isn’t that we aim too high and miss, the problem is that we aim too low and hit. I think this is potentially the “biggest’ reason many people live too small: 2. You Avoid Confrontation at all Costs It doesn’t matter how horrible things get, you just lower your head and hope life moves … Read more

101 Self care suggestions

Being a human can be a messy, hard, confusing, painful experience sometimes. This enormous listicle from The Mighty is a great resource. Sometimes life can feel a bit too much and you have to reign in what you are doing until the storm passes. From the usual eat something, drink something and rest, to my … Read more

How To Train Your Brain To Go Positive Instead Of Negative

Build Yourself A Positivity Circuit I love this article. It explains why I run this blog and have done since 2013. Essentially, you can train your brain to look for the positives in life by actively seeking 3-5 positive things a day over a period of time. Like all good habits, eventually you internalise the … Read more

8 things most people take a lifetime to learn

Life is a continual process of learning and growing. I love these retrospective articles where you can look at the wisdom, regrets and triumphs of others and use it to shape your own life. This post, from A Conscious Rethink covers 8 things most people take a lifetime to learn, if you could “learn” and … Read more