Why You Need To Be A More Selfish Person

You can’t help others if you don’t help yourself. There is an irony that to be there for other people and be able to support them, that we must be selfish and put ourselves first to ensure we are in a position to do so. This post explores that notion and challenges some of your … Read more

The ripple effect of gratitude

The progress you make on yourself will ripple across the globe in ways you can’t begin to imagine. Being grateful, kind and thoughtful to others has untold ripples and repercussions that you couldn’t possibly fathom. Being grateful feels good, is good for you and keeps your mind focussed on what you have, not what might … Read more

How 5 Minutes Can Change Everything

All you have to do is be with yourself for five minutes a day, consistently. This post from success.com talks about the need to spend time with yourself. By that, they mean having some “me” time to think and to be alone and still, not checking email or working. Making time for yourself and your … Read more